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Application Process

The 21st Century Fund For Delaware’s Children, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. It was formed as a result of public/private partnership to address the special needs of at-risk children. The Fund provides supplemental financial support, not otherwise available as part of operating budgets, to help children participate in a range of activities that otherwise might not be affordable. Some examples are:

  • Summer camp
  • Music lessons
  • Educational enrichment activities
  • Recreational or cultural activities that promote a child’s development
  • School extra-curricular expenses such as prom attire,class trips

Target population: At-risk children under the age of 22 who reside in Delaware.

Who may request funds: Staff from public (state) or private community agencies, including faith-based organizations who work directly with at-risk youth.

Amount requested: Grants are generally up to $150. However, the Board of Directors may approve grants up to $500 based upon need and availability of funds.  Funds will be approved if the client can get maximum benefit from the grant. For example, if funds are to be used to take a course that costs more than $150, funds will be approved pending the identification of other sources. A check will be sent when those funds are identified.

Accessing Application: The application is located on this website and that of the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families ( and the Delaware Community Foundation (

1.      Staff should complete an application.

·        Please make sure to note how the check should be made out and where it should be mailed.

·        Please note if the need is emergent (ex. a deadline for payment) and if the check needs to be picked up rather than mailed.

·        Checks will not be made out to the client or the client’s family.

·        Checks should be made payable to the vendor where possible or to the worker if shopping is required.

·        Please note:  only one application per youth per calendar year.

2.      Fax the application to 302-571-1553 att: Calisa Emerson

3.      You will be called if there are questions.

4.      You will receive a letter with a check or a letter explaining why the application is not funded

5.      If funding is received, the worker requesting the grant must provide receipts.

6.       Receipts should be sent to:

21st Century Fund
c/o Delaware Community Foundation
100 W. 10th Street/Suite 115
P,O, Box 1636/Wilmington, DE 19899
Wilmington, DE 19801
Ph: 302-504-5229
Fx: 302-571-1553

7.       The Fund will maintain a file of funds dispensed. This will be available for auditing purposes and accountability.  The 21st Century Fund Board will be given regular updates by the Treasurer on funds dispersed.