2017 Recipient of Muriel E. Gilman Award

Photo 2016

2017 - Hon. Jane P. Maroney

Jane entered the political arena in 1976 when she was elected state representative and served with distinction for twenty years as a member of the Delaware State House of Representatives.

As an agent of change, Jane raised issues focusing on the wellbeing of children, ranging from lagging financial support for children of parents who separated to issues of neglect to conceptualizing ways to prevent bad experiences from happening to our most vulnerable children. She focused on the challenges of infant mortality, premature birth, adolescent pregnancy, disabled children with special needs and the need to focus on the healthy emotional development of the very young child.

Jane initiated a task force for quality child care at a time when the corporate world was not yet prepared to deal with the overwhelming change in our society. That initiative continued to challenge Jane as she transitioned to the not-for-profit world of policy development.

In addition to serving many major organizations in an advisory role, Jane leads Connecting Generations, Inc., a 17-year non-profit organization focusing on inter-generational relationships between caring adults and young children.

Jane and her late husband Dr. John Maroney raised two children who followed their father’s path into medicine. In turn each provided two grandchildren for Jane to cherish.

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