$700-750 Cost of Living Coming for Australians This Week: Eligibility, How to Claim

The rising cost of living has placed significant pressure on household budgets across Australia. To alleviate this strain, the Australian government has introduced a $700-750 cost-of-living relief package. This initiative aims to provide financial support to eligible households by offering a $700 credit on electricity bills, distributed in two installments.

The program is designed to help Australians, particularly in Western Australia, manage their household expenses during periods of peak electricity usage. This article covers all the essential details about the $700-750 cost of living relief, including eligibility criteria and the claiming process.

Overview of the $700-750 Cost of Living Relief

The $700-750 cost of living relief package was announced earlier this year as a measure to support residents facing increasing electricity bills.

The program will distribute the $700 credit across two installments—one during the coldest month of the year and another during the hottest month. This strategic distribution aims to reduce the financial burden during times of high electricity consumption.

The initiative targets millions of Australians, providing much-needed assistance to manage household budgets amidst inflation. It also stimulates the economy by increasing disposable income for eligible residents. The financial aid program specifically focuses on Western Australia, ensuring residents have a buffer against rising electricity prices.

Eligibility Criteria for the Cost of Living Relief

The eligibility criteria for the $700-750 cost of living relief are straightforward, ensuring that a wide range of residents benefit from the program. The primary conditions for eligibility include:

  1. Residential Accounts: All residential accounts in Western Australia are eligible for the $700 credit, regardless of their electricity retailer.
  2. Small Businesses: Over 90,000 small businesses are included in the program. However, specific eligibility criteria for businesses are not publicly available yet.

The program offers automatic credit to residential households and certain small businesses in Western Australia, simplifying the process for most recipients.

How to Claim the Cost of Living Relief

Claiming the $700-750 cost of living relief is a straightforward process for most recipients. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Automatic Credit for Major Retailers: If your household or small business electricity bill is with Synergy or Horizon Power, the two major electricity retailers in Western Australia, you do not need to take any additional steps. The credit will be automatically applied to your bills in two installments.
  2. Different Electricity Retailers: If you use a different electricity retailer, the claiming process might differ. Applications for the credit are expected to open in July through Revenue WA and the Small Business Development Corporation.

Eligible recipients who follow the claim process will automatically receive the $700 cost of living credit in two installments.

$700-750 Cost of Living Coming for Australians This Week: Eligibility, How to Claim

Additional Information and Tips

The application for the $700-750 cost of living relief is expected to open soon. While the exact dates for the credit installments have not been publicly announced yet, they will likely coincide with the coldest and hottest months of the year in Western Australia.

The cost of living relief provides significant benefits, but it’s also essential to explore other ways to manage electricity costs effectively. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Energy Efficiency Audits: Request an energy efficiency audit from your electricity retailer or a qualified provider. These audits can identify areas where you can improve energy consumption in your home or business, potentially leading to long-term savings.
  2. Investing in Energy-Efficient Devices: Purchasing energy-efficient appliances can greatly reduce your electricity usage. Look for devices with high energy star ratings.
  3. Comparing Electricity Plans: Electricity retailers offer varying rates. Consider comparing plans and switching to a provider with a more competitive offer.

By combining the cost of living credit with these strategies, residents of Western Australia can effectively manage their electricity bills and navigate the current economic climate.



The $700-750 cost of living relief for Australians is a timely initiative designed to provide financial assistance during periods of high electricity usage. The program’s strategic distribution of credits aims to reduce the financial burden on households and small businesses in Western Australia.

Eligible residents will benefit from automatic credits applied to their electricity bills, making the process straightforward and hassle-free.

To stay updated on the latest information regarding the cost of living relief and the application process, regularly check the government’s official portal or contact relevant authorities. By taking advantage of this relief package and implementing energy-saving measures, Australians can better manage their household budgets during these challenging times.

The $700-750 cost of living relief offers immediate financial relief, helping residents manage lower electricity bills and providing a buffer against rising costs. Stay informed and proactive to make the most of this beneficial program.

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